The All India Professionals’ Congress (AIPC) is India’s first political platform focused on the needs and aspirations of working professionals and entrepreneurs in the country. The idea of AIPC germinated from the assessment that professionals in today’s India are disconnected from politics, a starkly different situation from the first couple of decades after Indian independence.

The fundamental purpose of AIPC’s existence is to build an ecosystem centred on connecting professionals to the political domain. The professionals who become our Fellows will help promote an inclusive and progressive social, political and economic agenda.

AIPC is a key department of the Indian National Congress(INC), India’s oldest and largest political movement. AIPC’s work will help provide policy ideas as well as talent for the INC. Read more about the INC in the “Parent Party” section.

AIPC’s Purpose and Work

Community Building
We are building a vibrant community of diverse professionals and entrepreneurs, united by their passion in progressive and inclusive politics. AIPC Fellows are committed to helping fellow Indians lead a life of dignity and independence. They believe that the biggest enabler of this change is through transformation of political processes to make them more inclusive, progressive and transparent.

Knowledge Sharing
One of our core objectives is to channelize the expertise of our community of Fellows to resolve the complex political and governance challenges facing our country. Conversely, AIPC provides our Fellows with insights into the functioning of political processes and connect them with some of the top political and intellectual leaders in the country.

We create avenues for our Fellows to engage with each other and with leaders of the Congress party. This engagement may be for a specific program or campaign that the party is promoting or it could be a more sustained process of knowledge sharing and exchange of ideas.

Our Fellows are passionate about social and political causes, ranging from economic development to environmental protection to issues such as social and gender justice and Net neutrality. AIPC provides them with a platform to carry out political activism.

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