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The AIPC Fellowship process is simple and quick.

To become an AIPC Fellow, you need a valid Email ID, Mobile Number, Voter ID, you must live and work in India.

You must either be employed or want to gain employment in India.

Believe in the inclusive values of the Indian National Congress.

Please be ready with information about your residential address and to decide which Chapter you would like to affiliate with. We recommend selecting a chapter closest to the area in which you spend most time.

You are also required to pay a nominal lifetime Fellowship Fee of ₹ 1,000/-(non refundable). This entitles you to be part of and participate in activities of the AIPC.

If for any reason you are unable to complete your registration, please log out and log in again to begin where you left off.

As the AIPC is a department of the Indian National Congress note that the 1000/- lifetime fellowship fee collected by the AIPC are administered by the Indian National Congress.

A yearly consolidated audit of INC funds is available on the Election Commission of India’s website under the annual reports section.

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