Prophylactics, Cures, and Vaccines: The Fight Against Covid-19

How soon will we have a treatment for Covid-19? All of us want an answer to this. Dr Shashi Tharoor posed this question to Dr Kiran Mazumdar−Shaw, a leading figure in the pharmaceutical industry and one of the few people with access to information and updates in this regard, during an online public interaction with her on the topic....

Dr Shashi Tharoor & Dr Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw

Tick−Tock, Tick−Tock: The Attack and the Muted Implosion

It has been a few months since the government of India unilaterally banned 59 Chinese mobile applications, including the Indian heartland’s mass market equivalent of Twitter, known as Tik−Tok....

Shri Mohan Kumaramangalam

Covid-19: Its Impact on the Health Sector in India

The Covid-19 pandemic has served as a timely wake−up call for countries around the worldand has forced them to re−evaluate the importance of public healthcare infrastructure development and spending....

Dr Geeta Reddy