High Quality and Affordable Healthcare

There is an urgent need to improve the performance of health systems. There is consensus about the ‘two way linkage between economic growth and health status’ and ‘Government to leverage economic growth to achieve health’. Research however has shown that this linkage has not just failed to work for India – a truly vast polity, but has backfired for the economy. While the draft of NHP 2015 was placed in public domain for comments in early 2015, its real status has been pending for the past two years. As of the last update in October 2016, it is still under consideration of the health minister. Given this scattered state of affairs, health advocates have expressed concerns about the government’s commitment towards its operationalization. Their fears are not unfounded considering the state of poor implementation of the National Health Mission (NHM) for the past few years.

AIPC Position

  • The AIPC believes that health expenditure should go up to 3% of GDP. Currently, India spends far less on health and education than many of its peers, including China.
  • Out of pocket expenses are high and most Indians are vulnerable to the financial burden of serious or chronic diseases. The AIPC will work to create awareness of the need for universal and quality health care for all Indians.
  • Citizens deserve easily accessible, quality health services, based on a combination of public provision and social insurance. AIPC will promote this cause.
  • India still has far too many malnourished and stunted children. Many others die due to preventable diseases. The AIPC will work to create awareness to ensure that Indian children grow up healthy and have the necessary foundation for doing well in studies and later on in life.
  • Almost 56% of adolescent girls in India are anaemic. Anaemia and malnutrition among mothers endanger the mother’s health and causes growth retardation and vulnerability to diseases in children. The AIPC will take up these issues with central and state governments to ensure appropriate financial resources are devoted to deal with these challenges.
  • There has been a reduction of new HIV infections in the country by 57%. The AIPC should lend its support to treatment options for patients and also to create awareness of the need to support all persons living with HIV/AIDS.
  • The AIPC will campaign to improve the Child Sex Ratio, with a special focus on the girl child from birth to adolescence.
  • The AIPC will support the goal of universal coverage of routine immunization through campaigns and effective monitoring in districts throughout the country.