Sanitation and Solid Waste Management

Research has shown that a direct relationship exists between water, sanitation, health, nutrition, and human development. Consumption of contaminated drinking water, improper disposal of human excreta, lack of personal and food hygiene, and improper disposal of solid and liquid wastes are major causes of disease in India. Providing accessible, affordable, and equitable sanitation, to all sections of the population is very important.

AIPC Position

  • Almost 60% of open defecation in the world takes place in India. Poor sanitation is a serious health hazard. AIPC will help create awareness of the need for a functional toilet in every school and every household.
  • The AIPC will support efforts to improve quality of life in rural areas by promoting cleanliness, hygiene, and eliminating open defecation
  • In both urban and rural areas, AIPC will advocate the need for developing solid & liquid waste management systems.
  • The AIPC should promote appropriate policies and institutions to ensure all stakeholders are aware of the framework in which clean water and sanitation services are being provided.
  • We will also promote medium-term thinking around sanitation issues, including on infrastructure and necessary financing.