Interested in politics? The All India Professionals’ Congress, a department of the Indian National Congress, is your platform to contribute to the advancement of inclusive and progressive politics in India. All of your work with the AIPC will directly feed into the social, political and economic goals and objectives of the Indian National Congress.

Join us and make a difference.

Dr. Shashi Tharoor

Become a Fellow

Whether you are a techie from Bengaluru or an entrepreneur from Kolkata or a lawyer from Lucknow, we are interested in working with you and enabling you to have a voice in the political process.

All we ask of you is a deep passion for politics and an unshakeable commitment to the Constitution’s core, tenets of Liberty, Plurality, Equality and Social Justice.

You can engage with us by becoming an AIPC Fellow and choosing a local Chapter in your city to affiliate with.






Our Work


Who We Are


AIPC Fellow

Annabel has been a trade journalist for 10+ years covering issues like real estate, export-import, manufacturing, investment policy, etc. She now works in corporate communications for the MICE industry. She has a keen interest in environment advocacy and public policy.

As an AIPC fellow, Annabel contributes towards networking with like-minded professionals and onboarding them with various AIPC projects.

She is from the Kurla Chapter in Mumbai

Francis D'Costa

AIPC Fellow

Francis D'Costa joined the AIPC in 2019 to push back the fascist forces that are destroying this country. He believes in the Congress, a party that stands of values like inclusivity, diversity, plural, tolerant and progressive.

Francis is a co founder of a company that works with rural Artisans in India. Has a MBA degree from the Goa University...

He is the state coordinator for the Engagement Committee. Has engaged with Civil society leaders, AIPC fellows, Congress party workers and voters.

He is from the Versova Chapter in Mumbai


AIPC Fellow

Trudy, is a Fellow of the AIPC Powai Chapter

She run a digital marketing agency. She started Digivolve to enable and empower small and medium business owners to successfully transition their business into a digital business.

Trudy, is passionate about bringing the benefits of technology to the small and medium business owners.

She is also part of the Engagement committee at AIPC, that engages fellows with AIPC Fellow focusse activities via events and linking them with various departments within the AIPC


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